Why Writing Matters As Much As Reading

If you’ve ever struggled writing an essay or a letter, you can imagine how much more difficult the writing process can be for your child. Writing, like any other skill is something that has to be developed over time. We often focus on the importance of developing strong reading skills early, after all children who do not read well are more likely to do poorly in exams. But it’s just as important to encourage kids to develop strong writing skills at a young age. There are many reasons why.

It helps students open up in the classroom

As teachers we frequently find we discover so much about our students through their writing assignments. It really gives great insight into each student’s personality and style. When a high value is placed on consistent writing in the classroom, you see the students writing skills flourish and their personalities bloom.  

It improves communication skills.

Writing is how children express themselves and communicate. No matter the age, writing practise boosts their ability to express thoughts and feelings. It helps children process emotions and reinforces learning.  Helping children develop strong writing skills before they enter school is not just about giving them a pen or pencil, it’s about asking questions that make them think and getting them to transfer this information on to the page. 

Writing helps us remember.

It’s always easier to remember something if we write it down. Even the briefest of writing assignments is a great way to reinforce learning. We notice the difference even after one term when children start completing journals daily or writing down their thoughts regarding their favourite I Can Read story. The message is clear, writing habits matter.

Writing encourages creativity and exploration.

Writing encourages creativity and helps students use their imaginations and explore storytelling. It is astounding the quality and variety of stories we receive from our students. Their little minds are growing, learning and absorbing and writing is an outlet for them to express this. It helps them process what’s happening in their lives and the world around them. If your child is not writing – you’re missing out.

So the message from all the team at I Can Read is clear, encourage your kids to write. If you would like any more information about the writing programmes we offer, please don’t hesitate to contact any of our helpful staff today.