Benefits of Reading Classes for Young Learners

You really can never start too early when it comes to literacy skills. Children from as young as two and a half can thrive in a learning environment as long as it is invitingly comfortable and colourful. At this age your child is ready to make friends and play co-operatively with other children.

He or she can learn to interact with classmates and teachers, confidently and cheerfully through exchanging greetings, interactions and responding appropriately to questions and instructions. The important thing is that your child is able to enjoy themselves engaging in activities that are conducive to long term goals – even if it isn’t heavily academic.

At I Can Read it is our hope that we can encourage and assist your child in the early stages of their literacy journey.  In I Can Read’s Pre-Reading classes, your child will enjoy interacting with their peers while working to improve his or her oral language skills through our structured programme. Our activity-based programme includes age-appropriate challenges and learning opportunities.  These activities include Word Wall Games, Talk Time, singing popular nursery rhymes and Story Time.

Story Time is in particular of importance in this class as students develop a love of reading and books as the teacher engages them in active listening. Through these activities they improve their fine motor skills, learn intonation, rhythm, pronunciation and articulation – all key elements of early language acquisition.

For more information, talk to any of our experienced Reading Specialists today. We would be more than happy to offer your child a free assessment and give your more details on our

Pre-reading classes. We are ready to stimulate, educate and support your child.

Your child’s literacy journey starts here.