Our Brand Personality

1. Creative

We harness our students’ creativity by stimulating their imagination.

2. Supportive

Our pedagogy encourages students to learn at their own pace, while feeling supported and being made aware of their successes every step of the way.

3. Playful

Our students enhance their skills through educational classroom games and by interacting with entertaining materials.

4. Pioneering

Our approach to teaching reading specifically links letters or groups of letters to sounds. 

Our Brand Values

1. Curiosity

Children are naturally curious. We believe in harnessing that curiosity, to help making reading an adventure and not a chore. Kindling a life-long love of learning that will inspire, delight and be rewarding.

2. Confidence

There’s a very big world out there. We believe that children need confidence to make it on their own one day. Becoming strong readers will give them that courage and confidence. Allowing them to make sense of their lives, and control their own destinies, is an important step in their self-development.

3. Enjoyment

Reading is one of life’s most precious gifts. We encourage a love of reading by making learning joyful. We open doors for the reader to a magical kingdom which helps them enjoy reading to the fullest.

4. Understanding

True reading demands understanding. We know there’s nothing more vital than being close to our learners. Giving them the support and encouragement to craft words into a better understanding of the reality they are faced with day-to-day.