Why Group Tuition is a Better Choice For Your Child

With your child’s education frequently at the forefront of your mind, as parents you no doubt spend a lot of time making decisions that you hope will benefit your son or daughter’s education. You may also question if group learning or tuition is the right choice for you.

Parents want tuition lessons to help their child get a firm grasp of school curriculum, eradicate knowledge gaps and to learn effective revision strategies. While private tuition has its merits, and children learn in many different ways, learning in small groups is always of benefit to a child.

Indeed there are many reasons for investing in tuition. The team at I Can Read are here to outline just a few of the benefits you can expect if you send your little learner to a group learning sessions.

Read on to find out exactly what these benefits are.

Smaller Student to Teacher Ratio
Because private tuition takes place in small groups, students have increased focus and can pay better attention to their teacher. Smaller groups also allow teachers to better respond to a child’s learning challenges and needs. Another major benefit of a smaller group is teachers have the opportunity to build a stronger rapport with students, taking a genuine interest in his or her academic development. At I Can Read our maximum class size is eight.

Assistance of an Expert
In a school setting, you won’t always have a choice regarding the teachers that educate your child, but with private tuition scenario you have more control.  Also the teacher will be more specialized, meaning your child will have an academic mentor who teaches them in the most effective manner for their learning styles.

More Time
Often in school there is limited time to review a child’s work and understanding. That may not always be enough for them to make any real progress. Group tuition gives students an extra chance to review the areas in which they may be struggling. 

Something we hear from parents over and over again at I Can Read is that their child’s confidence drastically improves within weeks of enrolling. We love hearing this because our Reading Specialists devote their class time to ensuring your child becomes a better reader. Sometimes students may not be as willing to ask questions or speak out in a large class, but working with a small group certainly gives them more confidence to do this.

Students are taught innovative methods 
If your child is having trouble reading, I Can Read are the experts who can help. The first system of its kind, the I Can Read system stems from 20 years of academic research, it is specific and outcome focused. You will not get this level of expertise in a normal classroom setting. 

If you feel you or your child could benefit from group learning sessions at I Can Read, why not call our friendly staff one of our centres and book your free assessment today.