The I Can Read system provides a premium quality experience. With over 200 learning centres across 14 countries and more than 300,000 success stories, I Can Read is one of the leading English learning systems in the world. Through our one of a kind teaching approach, we ensure that our students develop long-term excellence in all four skills – speaking, listening, reading and writing.




More than 200 I Can Read centres worldwide


18 I Can Read Centres in Vietnam


The first I Can Read Centres were established in Vietnam


I Can Read Centres were established


I Can Read Reading Courses became available in Singapore local primary schools

2000Teaching methodology was completed by Anthony Earnshaw & Annabel Sergeant



Anthony Earnshaw

Specialist in diagnosing and treating children with reading and
learning difficulties.

“He has over 15 years experience in researching how children learn to read and in treating children with various reading difficulties. Australian psychologist with extensive experience in Singapore and its education system.
He has worked both with ‘English as a first language’ children as well as children from ‘non-English speaking’ backgrounds who were experiencing reading difficulties.”


Annabel Seargeant

Australian Educational Psychologist and writer

“Specialist in working with children with reading difficulties and worked with her partner, Antony Earnshaw in a reading clinic in Sydney researching how children learn to read. Co-creator of the I Can Read total literacy system, and was invited by the Ministry of Education to trial the system in primary schools in Singapore in 2000. Since then she has trained over 150 primary school teachers how to teach the programme, which is currently being used in several learning centres throughout Singapore, Australia and Asia.”

Our teachers

At I Can Read, students study English through immersion with international certified teachers. They are not only fully qualified and experienced but also share their love to students.

Our Staffs

Highly qualified staff always follow and support the students, parents and teachers to ensure the best quality of training.

I Can Read students will be able to study and live in a natural English speaking environment every time they come to class.