What Reading Specialists Want Parents to Know

At I Can Read our team of Reading Specialists have lots of ideas, suggestions and guidelines for our parents to help them guide their little ones on the literacy path. We want parents to prepare their children for school by sharing a love for reading and reinforcing the idea that reading is important.

Read on for more important advice on how to ensure your child develops a love of reading.

Read Aloud with your Children

Reading aloud for just 20/30 minutes a day will go a long way towards reading success. When children are read to they develop a love for reading. They see that reading is important and see that learning to read is something for all to achieve. They also hear new words, are introduced to new literature, and learn that books are read for both pleasure.

Start Early

Try to set aside time every day, ideally at the same time so a routine is established. Not only will your child look forward to this time of day and look forward to the extra attention, but this habit will ensure you stick to it. You can start with as little as 10 or 15 minutes a day and increase to 20 to 30 minutes as they older.

Get Rhyming

Get your children started as early as possible with the Dr. Seuss books for the introduction of rhyme, rhythm and silliness. They will love you for it. Eventually you can include some alphabet books. The more alphabet books read the easier it will be for your child to learn letters and letter sounds. You want them to get a head start – this will absolutely ensure a head start.


Reading specialists want parents to know that reading takes practise. It is vital for success. Reading is like any other skill and it requires training. Children become better at football or ballet by practise, reading is no different. 

All our Reading Specialists agree whole heartedly the best gift a parent can give their children is the gift of reading. This begins with parents reading to their children and continues with children reading on their own. Children who read on their own become successful readers who continue to learn and grow both socially and academically throughout their whole life.

Happy Reading!