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How To Ensure Your Child Is Getting The Most From their Bedtime Story.

All children love a bedtime story and extensive research shows us that it is hugely beneficial for your child, not to mention it is wonderful bonding time.

However with the demands and rigours of daily life taking their toll, by the time bedtime rolls around most parents are undoubtedly tired. Some parents even tell us they don’t read to their child at all! Reasons for not reading together include not having enough time or being too stressed, whilst a lot of parents say they can’t drag their kids away from computer games and TV.

The advice from the team at I Can Read is to try harder to make time for this important ritual. Always remember that this is a precious bonding opportunity for you and your child. Before you know it they will be grown and precious time together will be hard to find. So enjoy your time with them now, you’ll both get so much from it. Here are a few easy tips for keeping the magic in your nightly reading time.

Read a different book every night.

If your child always picks the same book, encourage them to read something different. Children love hearing the same story over and over again. In fact some parents tell us that their child can remember their favourite book word for word, but the same story over and over can get tiring. In a bid to keep it interesting for both of you, mix it up. If they absolutely insist on the same story, surprise them by coming up with a different ending. It will entertain them and keep them on their toes. You can alternate with happy, sad or silly endings. Your child will love it.

Show Them Something New

Read a book that encourages your child to read about a character that doesn’t look like them or live like them. A great suggestion is to read about a child of another nationality or race, about a country far away from the one you live in. Or perhaps about a topic you don’t know much about. It will broaden their horizons and also double up as a great learning opportunity for you both.  

Discuss The Book title and Cover

Before starting your new book get them to take a minute to look at the book cover. Talk about the title and the pictures. Ask them what they think the book might be about? In addition to getting them interested in the book it is a great way to build their comprehension skills. Ask them lots of questions. “Why did the little girl go to the market?” “Where did the boy grow up?”  These questions are a great way to ensure they are actively listening.