Vocabulary Learning Strategies

It is common for students to quickly forget new vocabulary. Encouraging students to focus on learning vocabulary on a daily basis is the best way for students to remember it. This doesn’t have to mean, that you would need to get your child to sit down for long periods of time. Instead, the strategy that gives the best results would be “small amounts of vocabulary learned and with a frequent time frame”. This approach, has shown strong results for students who want to remember new vocabulary effectively.

Setting a daily routine for your child to focus for 15 minutes on vocabulary practice, should help them gain a solid vocabulary base of the English language which will contribute massively, when it comes to speaking and communicating.

There are a range of different online activities which can support this learning strategy. ICR’s online classes, allow the students to practice the use of the vocabulary they learn during the lesson, through the various “interactive language activities that enforce the vocabulary learning experience”. ICR teachers are always engaging strongly with the students during class time to help build and strengthen the student’s overall vocabulary abilities.

To further reinforce the learning strategy indicated, parents can also support their children further behind the scenes, with trying to introduce a reward scheme. For example, giving your child his/her favorite snack or allowing their children to do something that he/she really enjoys, after completion of a vocabulary learning sessions or study time.