Ongoing & Upcoming Trends in Learning English

ICR’s unique methodology, is based on the phonological awareness of your child. By having strong phonological awareness skills, your child is able to correctly pronounce each word that is taught to him or her. I truly believe in this system, as I have seen it work time and time again throughout all ages in the classroom setting.

Online learning is by no means a new way of learning and ICR understands this very well. Through adjusting each lesson to a working format, designed to benefit your child with his or her online learning, your child is able to get more one on one attention as the class sizes are smaller and the lessons are more in depth. In turn, this gives your child the most opportunity to practice their speaking and listening skills.

By teaching online for the past few months I have also noticed that a much stronger relationship is built between the students and myself as the classes are smaller. This enables me to fully understand your child’s areas of development and concentrate on those, in order to focus on them and develop these into strengths, leading to the best possible result for your child while having fun with them.

With online learning, teachers have incorporated a lot of educational games and activities in order to not only improve your child’s English skills, but to also keep your child interested in learning the language no matter what age he or she is.