Instructions for Login to E-Learning E-Learning Account I CAN READ

I CAN READ would like to thank you for your interest in the E-Learning Online English Course. Here are the steps to help parents easily log in to Classin to join the E-learning class I CAN READ.

Step 1 – Install Classin

Parents, please visit the link: https://www.eeo.cn/en/download.html and download the application. In here, parents, please click on the box “MacOS” if you are using a computer with iOS operating system or Click on “Window 7 and newer” for windows operating system.

E-Learning I CAN READ

After downloading Classin, parents can find the application in the Download section of the computer. When clicking on this icon to install, pay attention to adjust the English language.

E-Learning I CAN READ

Next, Classin displays as below, parents Click on “Install” and wait for the program to complete itself.

E-Learning I CAN READ E-Learning I CAN READ E-Learning I CAN READ

So, parents have finished installing Classin on the computer. Next I CAN READ please guide how to log in to E-learning I CAN READ.

Step 2: Create an account and log in to Classin

E-Learning I CAN READ


After completing the installation, parents click on “Start Classin” to create an account. Classin will display like below. Parents, please click “Sign up” on the left corner to proceed with registration.


E-Learning I CAN READ


During the registration process, parents adjust to “+84” to match the area code of Vietnam. After completing the phone number, click “Get code” to receive the code. Finally, complete the password and proceed to join the class.


During the application installation process, if you have any questions or problems, please contact directly at the I CAN READ Center or via the Hotline here.

Wish parents and children happy learning with I CAN READ E-learning!